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Career Pipeline

empowHERed is helping more women obtain experience by partnering with sports teams, leagues, and organizations to create a direct pipeline to the industry.

Members create a profile and then receive access to an exclusive network of job shadowing, internship/job, and event opportunities created by our partners. The pipeline also includes contact information for industry professionals that allow members to set up their own informational interviews and develop professional relationships.

Are you or your organization interested in getting involved? Find out how you can help place more women in the industry. Contact us!

Mentor Program

Volunteer as a mentor and help young women navigate the challenges of breaking into the industry! Our six-month internship program matches mentors with college-aged students and young professionals with similar career interests. 

As a mentor, you'll participate in an introductory mentor training Zoom call. From there, you and your mentee will coordinate monthly meetings around your schedule. We'll provide a list of guided discussion topics that you may use to start the conversation. At the halfway point of each mentorship cycle, we'll also check in with each of our mentors and mentees to see how each relationship is developing.

Interested in serving as a mentor? Contact us!



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empowHERed is a new platform with a desire to create change in the sports industry. Your support allows us to have an even greater impact on the women we serve!

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