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The time I went to the Super Bowl

Hi friends,

Let’s reflect on the time I talked my journalism school into sending me to the Super Bowl! Yes, you heard it correctly. During my senior year in college, I successfully convinced the UNC Journalism School to sponsor my coverage of the Super Bowl. Reflecting on this incredible experience as I write this blog, I am still in awe of how amazing it was! Let’s get into it! 

Let's rewind to 2016 when the Carolina Panthers reached the Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos in San Francisco. In a bold move, I pitched the dean of my journalism school on the idea of sending me to San Francisco for the week as a student reporter to cover all the Super Bowl festivities. With UNC alumni playing on both teams, I leveraged my connections to secure a credential, requiring only travel funds from the school. To my surprise, my professor approved the proposal, and off I went to San Francisco! To this day, I believe I might be the only UNC journalism student ever sent to cover a Super Bowl, although a fact-check might be in order!

Are you familiar with the expression "you can sell snow to an Eskimo"? Well, that phrase has often been used to characterize me. So, when I arrived in San Francisco, armed with my credentials, I employed my persuasive skills to secure access to virtually every imaginable opportunity.

From press row to the Puppy Bowl to media day with the players (which is still surreal), I immersed myself in every opportunity in San Francisco. Not a single moment was wasted. I interviewed players, networked tirelessly, and even befriended a Fox crew, who graciously allowed me to practice taking live hits with their equipment and assisted in filming for my school assignment. I produced radio stories, articles, and multiple videos for our student sports program. It was a dream come true...well, at least until the Panthers lost. Nevertheless, it was a personal victory for me, so no complaints here!

Even now, when I reflect on this experience, I still can’t believe it. It was an absolute dream come true, especially for anyone aspiring to work in sports media, and the fact that I achieved it while still in college is remarkable. Let it serve as a reminder to everyone to pursue their dreams relentlessly. You never know what people might say or where life might lead you, so go after what you want with determination! And always remember, you’re awesome and you belong here.

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