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Thank you, Eric

Hi friends,

Eric Montross was a UNC basketball icon and former NBA player, a beloved UNC broadcast personality, a devoted husband, and a father. He also happened to be my very first mentor. 

Having known my family for years, Eric became an invaluable resource when, as a sophomore in college, I contemplated a career in sports broadcasting. At that time, he served as the radio color commentator for UNC basketball games. At my dad's suggestion, Eric was the first person I approached for guidance. In his characteristically kind manner, Eric declined a mere phone call and instead insisted on driving to Elon's campus to meet with me in person.

He dedicated an hour and a half during lunch to attentively listen to my ambitious aspirations of making a mark in sports broadcasting. Going the extra mile, he not only provided valuable advice but also facilitated introductions to key figures in the industry. What stood out the most was his ability to instill belief in me, making every one of my goals seem attainable. I vividly recall leaving that lunch brimming with excitement for the multitude of opportunities that lay ahead, all thanks to my newfound mentor.

In the subsequent years, Eric continued to extend his kindness, consistently aiding in the advancement of my career and the pursuit of my objectives. His genuine commitment to my progress was evident as he spared no effort in offering assistance, even when my requests included something as casual (and pesky) as UNC basketball tickets. 

I write this blog as a way to say thank you to Eric. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to convey these sentiments in person, and I deeply regret that. I wish I could have expressed how profoundly his support impacted me. Having a mentor like him, who genuinely believed in my potential and supported me unwaveringly, made an immeasurable difference in my journey. So, thank you, Eric. Your kindness and support left an indelible mark, and you will be sincerely missed.

Until next time, remember, you’re awesome and you belong here.

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