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Part 2: Dating a co-worker?

Hi friends,

Let’s pick up where we left off last week. After about a month of Denny’s dates and park walks, Paul and I officially started dating. At work, nothing really changed. We’d always been professional, so when we later told some of our friends in the department during an after-work dinner, most were surprised, but happy for us.


One of the perks of dating someone in the industry is that they know exactly what you’re going through and can relate in ways that others often can’t. I experienced some of the most difficult times of my career in the Stats and Info Group, yet Paul was there for me through it all. When I questioned whether I belonged in the industry, he encouraged me and let me know my skillset was needed. He supported me when I wanted to report sexual harassment, even after I was threatened with retaliation. He took care of me even as my continuous vomiting worsened after multiple discouraging meetings with HR. And when I finally decided I had to leave ESPN, he wholeheartedly supported my decision.

We’d been dating for a little over a year by the time I chose to leave and accepted a new role in Philadelphia. Looking back now, we laugh about the fact that we never once questioned whether we would stay together. There was never a doubt. Having experienced the toxicity of our department and witnessed the blatant sexual harassment and the way I was treated, Paul wanted to leave as much as I did. There were of course logistical challenges. With most industries, there are plenty of opportunities in any given city. With sports, it’s a little more challenging to find a role you want in the city you want. Still, we never even had a conversation about breaking up or how we would navigate long distance. And although I broke down crying the night before I left, questioning whether I was making the right decision, Paul promised me that I was and that he’d find his way to Philly as soon as possible.


After I moved, we were long distance for about nine months before Paul received an offer from his old boss at They had several openings for reporter/producer roles and his former manager thought he’d be a great fit. He started listing the available locations and Philadelphia was at the top of the list. Paul applied immediately and while he was pretty sure he had the job, the process drug on for what seemed like an eternity. It was a really challenging time, as we both started to get discouraged. Finally in early 2019, he got the official offer! And the rest, as they say, is history.

We moved in to an apartment together in Philly a month later and have been together ever since. Through a pandemic, promotions, job changes, and more, Paul has been my biggest cheerleader. We got married three years ago (Sam was a bridesmaid!) and I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have someone who supports me in everything that I do.

All that to say that sometimes you find your person in unexpected to places. Whether your significant other is in the sports industry or not, make sure you find someone who reminds you that you’re awesome and you belong here!

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