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Let's talk support systems

Hi friends,

It's Sam speaking. Typically, my amazing co-founder Meghan authors our blog posts, but today, I'm taking the reins. While pondering what to discuss, I weighed options like mental health, organizational insights, accountability tools, and more. Eventually, I settled on a topic that holds immense significance for both me and my journey in the sports industry: the power of a support system—aka Meghan. If there's one nugget of wisdom to glean from our website, it's the importance of finding your own "Meghan." This means discovering a confidante, a backbone, an accountability ally who propels you toward your finest self. In my case, without Meghan, it's quite possible that I wouldn't have made it this far in my sports career. So, let's dive into the realm of support systems!

Let's kick off with the "why." Why is a solid support system crucial for women in the sports industry? The answer might seem obvious, yet regrettably, my experiences have shown me more competition than camaraderie among women. Navigating the male-dominated arena of sports can be isolating and daunting. It's not just about being the sole woman in the room; even when other women are present—at the table, in meetings, or within your department—building a sense of community and respect isn't always a given. This is where your support system, aka your "Meghan," steps in. Your support system can take various forms: family, college friends, partners, and more. Whoever it may be, it's important to find that person or community who stands by you. Someone you can lean on to vent, shed tears, express frustration, and celebrate your victories.

I could dive deep into the topic of female rivalry in sports, but Meghan's already tackled that in our latest blog (shameless plug, couldn't resist). Today, our focus is on discovering your support system. I count myself lucky to not only have Meghan as a business partner but also as a best friend for nearly a decade (goodness we are getting old). She was my lifeline when I was grappling with post-college job hunts. Countless cover letters and resumes flew her way for edits and advice. She patiently listened as I ranted about an unbearable work atmosphere where I felt trapped. I even stood by her side as a bridesmaid on her wedding day, and if I'm being totally honest, I'm pretty sure her grandma loves me more than her.

Beyond her exceptional qualities as a friend, Meghan stands as the ultimate business partner and pillar of support. When seeking your own support system, aim to find that one person who stands by you through thick and thin. Someone to cry with you and someone to celebrate you. This is the person who urges you to continually aim higher and outdo yourself instead of settling. Meghan is easily the hardest-working person I know and she inspires me every day to work harder. Frankly, I have no idea how she juggles it all. As someone who has experienced their fair share of highs and lows, trust me when I say that having this kind of support system is so so important when pursuing a career in sports. There have been countless times when I've doubted myself, grappled with isolation, imposter syndrome, burnout, and even contemplated quitting. Without a doubt, I might have thrown in the towel if not for my steadfast support system. While I acknowledge my privilege in having this support, I'm well aware not everyone has access to such a reliable network. Enter empowHERed.

When founding empowHERed, our goal went beyond simply creating more opportunities for women in sports. We aimed to establish a shared support network and community for ourselves, while also extending it to as many other women as we could. While there are undoubtedly other groups celebrating and advocating for women in sports, we sought to delve beyond the glossy surface of social media. Our blogs, experiences, setbacks, and triumphs are intended to be authentically open and truthful. After all, the path isn't easy, and we want everyone to realize they're not navigating it alone. At its core, empowHERed is a collective of women dedicated to self-improvement and career advancement, with the goal of fostering real connections. We hope you decide to join our amazing community of inspiring women!

And as always, remember, you’re awesome and you belong here!

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