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All work (and some play) at the espnW Summit

Hi friends,

Sam here! Meghan and I just got back from our second espnW Summit in NYC, and let me tell you, we had an absolute blast! The programming was packed with incredible, inspiring women and to top it all off, we ended the night with our ultimate treat-yourself snack – cheesy bread! It doesn't get much better than that. 


Before we dive into the deets of our amazing day at the Summit and gush about how much fun we had, let's rewind a bit and talk about our prep work. After all, we were there for business, too!

First things first, we secured our hotel and tickets. Then, we dove into the itinerary on espnW’s website. They had a full list of featured speakers, panels, and sponsors, and Meghan and I made sure to study it carefully. We went through the list, connected with everyone on LinkedIn, and for the must-meet speakers, we did a little light stalking to find their emails. We sent out friendly introductions about ourselves, our company, and mentioned that we’d love to meet in person at the event. This is something that we do for every event as a way to maximize any brief interactions we may have with some of the awesome, high-powered individuals we have the chance to meet.


This year, Meghan and I took it a step further and made a goal list for the Summit. We brainstormed why attending would be beneficial for us, beyond just seeing our friends and having a blast. We outlined what we wanted to accomplish, including who we wanted to target as potential webinar speakers, partners, and more. With our goal list in hand, we were ready to make the most of the Summit experience! 

Fast forward to event day. It kicked off with a bang! The morning started strong with an incredible panel of college coaches, including fellow UNC alum Erin Matson (go Heels!) and the newly announced UNC Charlotte women's basketball coach, Tomekia Reed. Hearing her speak we became instant fans (go 49ers!). The entire Summit was hosted by espnW’s amazing Sarah Spain and featured an all-star lineup of guests like Ali Krieger (yes, we totally fangirled), Jenny Nguyen from The Sports Bra, Ally Love from Peloton, and so many more amazing women.


But you know what really made this year's Summit special, especially compared to last year? It was getting to meet so many of our awesome members, mentors, and webinar guests in person! Walking into that summit and realizing we'd be surrounded not just by like-minded women, but by the incredible individuals we've been collaborating with for the past year – it was like a dream come true! Honestly, it was magical to see just how much empowHERed had grown in one year.


So a huge shoutout to everyone at the Summit who worked so hard to make this year’s event a huge success – you rock! To those who are reading this blog and adding the espnW Summit to their must-attend list (and you totally should), take note of our preparation before the summit. No matter what event you're gearing up for—conference, summit, meeting, or even an interview—doing your homework is key. Get ready, have a game plan, and dive in with a strategy to make the most of your experience. 

And remember, you’re awesome and you belong here.

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