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Congrats, you've what?

Hi friends,

It's Sam! The transition from college to the working world can be both exciting and daunting. As students, we spend years preparing for this moment, accumulating knowledge and honing our skills in a classroom. Yet, stepping into the professional arena can feel like diving into the deep end. Suddenly, we're navigating a whole new world where deadlines, office politics, and real-world problem-solving take precedence over exams and assignments.

The shift in responsibility and independence is a tough one to get used to. We're no longer confined to campus and our college routine, surrounded by our best friends. Instead, we're entrusted to make our own decisions, both in our careers and personal lives. It's a transition marked by self-discovery, as we learn to balance work commitments, financial responsibilities, and the pursuit of our passions. Scary, right? Now add in the fact that it can seem almost impossible to land a job in the sports industry. The transition isn't always smooth and setbacks are bound to happen. I can relate. When I graduated, there was no job waiting for me. Instead, I found myself moving back home for a more extended stay than I'd care to admit, taking on a couple of babysitting gigs to save money while I relentlessly applied for jobs. I mean, I must have applied to what felt like a million jobs. It was perplexing; despite what seemed like a spotless college record with impressive internships and solid connections, I struggled to even get a response from potential employers.

Fast forward several months, and I finally received a job offer. Now, let me be clear—it wasn't my dream job, nowhere close to my dream location, and the pay was far from stellar. But you know what? I was genuinely thrilled to have a job offer in hand. I dove headfirst into my new role. That's not to say there weren't some bumps along the way. As I transitioned to my first full-time role, I got stuck in an endless cycle of work, sleep, eat, and repeat. I had no sense of a routine or any healthy habits whatsoever. It was an eye-opening experience that eventually forced me to reassess my priorities (though maybe not as quickly as I would have liked). I share my journey to say that everyone's path in the sports world is unique, and even when you've followed all the right steps, things might not unfold as planned. The transition from college to the professional realm can be intimidating and isolating. It might take longer than expected to land your first post-college role, or you might secure one that isn't your dream job, and that's perfectly okay! Remember, the sports industry is incredibly competitive, and rejection isn't a reflection of your worth. The right opportunity will come along when the time is right. When it does, establish a routine that suits you, find your support network, and always hold onto this truth: You're awesome, and you absolutely belong here.

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