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But seriously.. it doesn't hurt to ask...

In case you missed our initial post about our unofficial motto, "It doesn't hurt to ask", we're back with more real-life examples that highlight the undeniable impact of this empowering mantra. We understand that while it's a phrase often tossed around, putting it into practice can be easier said than done. The fear of rejection is real, but trust us when we say, we wouldn't be where we are today without wholeheartedly embracing this mindset.

Sam here to tell you about my sophomore year, when I was dreaming big about reporting on the men's basketball team for ESPN. It wasn't just a fleeting thought; it was my ultimate dream at the time. Now, most of us might feel a bit overwhelmed by such a colossal goal, but not 20-year-old me. Fueled by determination and a willingness to take a leap, I dove headfirst into the unknown.

My first move? A bit of good ol' research (okay, maybe a touch of light stalking). I tracked down the reporter living my dream. Enter CL Brown, the UNC beat writer for ESPN. After an internal debate, I decided to throw caution to the wind and shoot him a message on Twitter.

I mustered up the courage to ask for a meeting. And guess what? To my surprise and pure delight, CL responded with a resounding yes! Let's fast forward a bit, because CL wasn't just a one-time informational interview, he became a mentor, opening doors and unlocking opportunities left and right. From snagging me a press pass to cover games alongside him to offering an unofficial internship, CL's support opened up countless doors. This chance even led me to score a summer internship at ESPN headquarters, where, as fate would have it, I eventually crossed paths with Meghan – and you can guess how that story unfolds! 😉

So, what's the takeaway from all of this? ASK! The worst-case scenario is either 1) you don't hear back, or 2) you're told no. And remember, "no'"just stands for the next opportunity. Take the plunge, summon the courage, and go for it! And remember…you’re awesome and you belong here!

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