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A day in the life of a social media manager

Hi friends,

Social is growing segment of the booming sports industry so I often get asked what it's like to be a social media manager for a professional sports team. Join me as I guide you through a typical day in this dynamic role! To kick things off, let's begin with a question—a personal favorite of mine when speaking with college classes. How many individuals do you think are responsible for managing the social media platforms of a professional sports team? It's always fascinating to hear the responses, ranging from 2 to 34! In my experience with the Boston Red Sox, the answer was two: myself and my boss. Together, we navigated and curated content for every social media platform, ensuring comprehensive team coverage.

Additionally, we were fortunate to have a talented team of two graphic designers and two photographers and videographers, always ready to produce exceptional content for our social platforms. However, when it came to the strategic aspects—planning, curating, publishing, and engaging with the audience—it remained the responsibility of just myself and my manager. A few months into my time with the Sox, we made a valuable addition to our social media team by hiring a third part-time member. Their primary role was to assist in covering away games, providing us with a bit of a "break." Even with a team of three, the demands of the job could still lead to stress.

I'd start the day by heading to our office within Fenway Park, starting a standard workday routine. On game days, the first order of business was planning content for all platforms, with each piece contingent on whether the team had won or lost the night before. For the sake of today's blog, let's assume the team is on a winning streak, granting us more creative freedom for the day!

We'd begin by proofing and scheduling all sponsorship content, moving on to curated content and fan engagement. As a team, we collaborated on cutting highlights, creating gifs, and developing engaging Instagram and Snapchat stories. Personally, I also took charge of overseeing all Facebook messages, dedicating time each day to respond to every single one—yes, every message received from fans. One of the most rewarding aspects of my role was interacting with fans, occasionally getting the chance to invite them to a game. Bringing fans down to the field during batting practice and witnessing the excitement light up their faces was truly gratifying.

After a day filled with planning, preparation, and meetings, we'd shift gears to game day!

In the event of any newsworthy developments, attending the pregame press conference was a must. This allowed us to stay informed and secure quotes from Alex Cora, the team manager. Following that, it was off to the field for batting practice! During this time, I'd split my focus between escorting fans to the field for a unique experience and capturing exclusive player content for our social channels. It was the perfect opportunity to showcase player personalities and capture the fun happening on the field, particularly when the team was on a winning streak.

Post-batting practice, attention shifted to any on-field activations or themed events scheduled for the day. We swiftly edited and posted content before the start of the game. After a quick dinner break as a team, we returned to the field to document pregame ceremonies and stayed until the players took their positions. Then, it was a sprint back to the office to provide live updates throughout the entire game.

Still with me? Because my work day isnt over yet! Our team divided responsibilities for in-game coverage across different platforms, and we all played a role in post-game duties. Let's assume the team won. In that case, we hurried back to the field to capture post-game celebrations and interviews. The night concluded back in the office, where we posted all relevant content from the day and engaged with our social followers. This routine set the stage for doing it all over again the next day!

As you've likely gathered, being a social media manager entails much more than one might assume. While there are enjoyable and Instagram-worthy perks, it's also a grind, much like any role in sports. If this is a path you're interested in pursuing, go for it, and always remember: you're awesome, and you belong here!

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